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DIY Photo Collage

I have been wanting to make a particular collage wall for quite some time - with square frames in neat little rows.  but from what i initially researched, it was going to be an expensive addition - between the print and frame cost.  not to mention, the frames i was looking for (5" x 5") were hard to come by - and more expensive than your standard 4" x 6" or even 5" x 7".

but alas, i dug around a little deeper and between catching a good sale on prints from Artifact Uprising and happening upon some frames sold in 2-packs at Walmart, my collage was starting to become a possibility.

the prints

i decided on the 25-pack of prints from Artifact Uprising.  i have had a wonderful experience on other projects that i've ordered through Artifact Uprising - they are easy to work with, the gifts are unique and high quality and they run sales often so it's easy to save a bit on your orders.  if you sign up for their e-mail list, you will receive their promotions regularly.  in addition, you can connect your instagram account and upload photos right from the app which is a nice bonus.

AI Square Print Set

the frames

i chose the 8" x 8" 2-pack set from Walmart for the frames.  Walmart has fast shipping, and for the price they are pretty decent quality.  they are only $11.97, which after doing some thorough research is a great deal.

Better Homes and Gardens Flat Gallery 8x8 Matted Picture Frames, Set of 2

the grand finale!

i would love to instruct or advise on how to best go about hanging these so they are perfect, but a lot of what we did was trial and error...and there may be a couple with multiple holes behind the frame.  and if you look closely, and took a measuring tape or a level to them, you probably would find them to be uneven.  BUT i like the way it looks and frankly i just don't care enough to be that precise:)