fierce mama sessions

introducing : fierce mama sessions

"you seem like you'd be really good at boudoir sessions, taylor.  i don't know what it is about you, but i think you should try it."

this is the statement made by my photographer friend kailee, who i met at an amazing workshop this past january, that really got me thinkin'.

before this life-altering workshop (another story, for another day), i hadn't given much thought to boudoir.  similar to studio-style newborn photography, it wasn't something i had much interest in - and honestly, i was slightly intimidated by the idea.  for such reasons as: i didn't have a pretty white-walled studio.  would people even be comfortable with me taking intimate photos like that?  i don't know how to pose them.  i feel awkward.  they might feel awkward.  i can't do hair or makeup. other photographers are already so good at it, so why even try?

[ the list of excuses goes on and on and on and on as they do when you're being a big adult baby too scared to try something new. ]

but when i returned from the workshop - i really started to think about my business differently - in all aspects - including what i wanted to START doing in 2016.  and you guessed it - kailee's backseat comment about boudoir came to mind.

ok, so i want to do boudoir.  cool, glad we got that down. but how can i stand out?  how can i make it unique to my style and personality?  how can i make it a comfortable experience for both of us?

i mulled this over quite a bit.  and as most of my grand ideas come to me - i was laying in bed - trying to turn my brain off [ i swear sometimes i could solve the world's problems before i go to sleep ] and it hit me...


don't get me wrong, i've personally considered doing boudoir sessions in the past and never took the plunge.  as soon as i would consider it, about 100 different body-part-areas that i hate come to mind and about 100 images of beautiful women in lingerie also come to mind and i thing NOPE, NOT HAPPENIN'.  not for me.

but what i intend to do differently in my fierce mama sessions is focus on authenticity.  on natural, and relaxed.  less on glamour and intense sex-appeal, more on light, airy and fun.  less on buying tiny little lace numbers you'll never wear again - more on wearing a simple black number and your hubby's oversized t-shirt.

i want to strive for comfort - in every sense of the word. from the location we choose (you CAN have a shoot at your house, despite what you think), what you decide to wear, how you decide to pose (or not pose), what you want to drink (coffee? wine?), what music is on the get the idea.

because i am a mom.  because i deal with insecurities and body image issues.  because i know what it's like to feel like i'm not worth photographing.

i get it, i get where you're at.  but i can also promise you,


and i will do whatever it takes to convince you that you are worth it.  and you are sexy.  and you are beautiful.  and your face will light up when i show you the back of the camera - because finally you will see the way everyone else sees you...

a beautiful, fierce mama.

FIERCE MAMA SHOUT OUT : to katie, my little "guinea pig" and my first fierce mama.  1, for agreeing to do this session.  2, for letting me fumble through the process and laugh along the way.  she brought a personal element into the shoot which was awesome - and suggested we get some photos of her scar from her first baby, cameron.  like many parents, katie and her husband had a very specific birth plan before the delivery of their first child.  after many hours of courageous labor, things took a turn and it was best and safest for katie to deliver cameron via c-section.  everything went amazingly, mama and baby were both healthy, and sent home from the hospital a couple days later.  despite her epic story of heroism (hello, carrying and then bringing a human into the world), katie still struggled with the c-section delivery memory.  feelings of guilt, regret and failure clouded her internal dialogue.  as moms, we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people - and while some women tout their successful deliveries (natural, vaginal, home birth, etc.) on social media and blogs - it can make others, like katie, feel inferior and "less than" for what they personally experienced.  completely untrue, but a totally real feeling.

thankfully, katie has an amazing and supportive husband, a great group of encouraging friends and family, and as time passed on, the scar went from a mark of regret to a badge of pride.  love you katie - you are an amazing mother.  cam and ellie are two lucky little humans to have you everyday as their mama.  thank you for sharing your beauty with me!

- t