the kesslers // lifestyle photos

disclaimer : before reading, prepare to get the fever.  the baby fever, that is.

my gracious (and conveniently adorable) neighbors allowed me to come into their beautiful home and hangout with them for a little bit to get some photos of their growing family.  sweet baby girl gemma arrived last october, and fits perfectly in this busy little tribe of five.

i followed the older kiddos as they gave me a tour of their home - beaming over their big kid beds.  we corralled them on the couch for some cuddly, smiley family shots.  zoe put on her best "zoe" faces ranging anywhere from cheesy, toothy smiles to serious, but striking ones.  baby gemma was just along for the ride, taking in all the activity of her energetic siblings,  and getting smothered with kisses and hugs.  i won't lie, i was definitely drawn toward gemma and her gorgeous mama.  there's something so unique about a mama and her new little babe that just makes me so in love!

i love this family so much already, and am so excited to become better friends with them as time goes on and our families get to know each other better over blanket picnics in the front yard, and family dinners.  the love they have for their children is beautifully evident, and i am in awe of the patience and kindness they constantly show.  enjoy:)