the gentzlers | lifestyle session

last weekend, alex + kyle invited me to their cozy grand haven home to snap some pictures of their little family of three - just doing life together which as i mentioned before - love so much. we spent the morning dancing and clapping along to pharrell's 'happy', watching the gruffalo      [ have to get my kiddos into that ], and chasing their son jude all. over. the house.  jude - their vibrant, adorable, blue-eyed one-year old was a little uncertain about getting his picture taken - mostly if it required him to slow his pace or sit still:)

after spending some time indoors we ventured out into the blizzardy lakeshore air.  alex was good and determined to have a snow-globe photo session - and saturday did not disappoint.  it was a little frigid, but we all bundled up and headed to the sleepy downtown sidewalks for a few more photos.  snowflakes fell, kisses were given and lots of hugs happened and despite my frozen fingers my heart was warm and full.