the bruins | lifestyle session

so, let's talk lifestyle sessions, for a minute. k? k.

for me, they have always been something i have envied of other photographers - but felt too intimidated/ill-equipped to attempt on my own.  "nobody wants their pictures taken at home," i concluded.  "i don't even know where to begin to prep for that type of shoot," i convinced myself.  but after coming off of a photography workshop at the beginning of this year [ still need to blog that ], i decided that YES people want pictures in their homes and YES, YOU CAN DO IT.

and here's the simple reason[s] why i am making home family sessions a focus in 2016: there is something about having a photo session at home that creates a calm, genuine space where both the family members [ and the photographer ] can feel relaxed.  instead of feeling the pressure to get that ONE shot where EVERYONE is looking and the kids are posed "JUST SO", the overall feel of the shoot is more along the lines of the photographer stands back, capturing the purest form of family is their most natural state - no rush, no tension, just living and being.

last weekend, shannon and tyler invited me into their warm and cozy house to capture a little bit of life in the bruin home.  i'm sure based on the picture above, you can guess what [ most ] of their life involves - and that is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, sweet baby james.

despite our best efforts in planning the PERFECT session time, we caught little james mid-nap, so it took him a bit to warm up.  his mom insisted he wasn't really himself during the shoot, but i completely enjoyed chasing him around - and even catching a few smiles in the process.  

their home was perfect for the shoot i had in mind - lots of natural light, beautiful hardwood floors, cozy rugs to crawl on - and the decor and color schemes...let's just say i'd like shannon to come over and help me in my own house.  overall we had a great time together and i hope they enjoy their images as much as i enjoyed taking them.

have you always wanted to have session in your home, but have hesitated in just going for it?  there are so. many. benefits to hosting a photo session in the comfort of your own place and would love to talk about it with you!