the haas' // family photos

photography has provided me countless reunions with people.  it's the coolest thing.

i will go six months, a year, three years [ or in emily's case, nearly ten years ] without seeing someone and just show up and do a little small talk and then we're right back to where we left off, as if no time has passed at all and shooting awesome photos together and being the best of friends.

i reached out to emily shortly after her beautiful daughter danielle was born, hinting [ ok, not so subtle ] at the idea of wanting to do a lifestyle family session with her to celebrate danielle joining their family.  as i said, i hadn't seen her since high school and as i also said - LOVE A GOOD REUNION.  oh, and lifestyle sessions?  they're my thing right now.

emily happily agreed, and a month later i was headed across state to hangout with the haas family in their beautiful canton home.  their cutie-pie son garrett ran the show, as most toddlers do in photo shoots - and showed us his love of all things sports throughout the whole shoot.  it makes it pretty easy when you shoot at home, because the pressure to act is pretty much shut off, and the act of just 'being' is turned all the way up.  want to hang in the backyard?  let's go.  head to the family room for some indoor golf swings?  i'm on it.  head upstairs for a little crib bouncing action?  sounds great.  you go, i go.

the haas' completely welcomed me into their homes and into their day-to-day lives, and it was perfect.  i loved my time, and i love these photos.

hope to see you again soon, emily!  and let's not wait ten years this time:)