lauren + nick [ and jaina + stella ] are neighbor friends of mine, who i have had the priviledge of photographing two other times over the last two years.  it has been such a joy to watch their family grow + flourish + being able to document it all unfolding.

i hold these people in high regard because they have single-handedly brought me more referrals than anyone i know - and have done so with no agenda - just out of the goodness of their hearts.  i have been able to connect with many other families + even some couples getting married through these two people vouching for me time + again.  their confidence + trust make me feel ten feet high.

i hope over time i can convey the amount of love + gratitude i have for this family - and to all who have stuck by side the last few years.

p.s. i have never done a whole set in black + white but something in these photos just seemed to have that vibe so i rolled with it.  i assured her i would deliver color images in the end, but for now, i am loving this set.