jackie + austin have the pam + jim type love story that we all can only dream of.

they met at work - where austin was the hunky supervisor type person and jackie, the adorable intern.  austin will tell you that jackie was oogling him since the get-go and would drop papers in a movie-like way whenever he came around - but those claims have not been yet validated.

regardless of how it went down - one thing that IS true is their first date was at the batting cages - where austin talked jackie into 'practicing' for their work softball league.  the ploy worked, and the first date turned into the second which turned into the third which led to their dreamy utah engagement where austin got down on one knee in the blizzarding snow to ask this pretty girl to be his for the rest of their lives.

she of course, said yes and the two will be hitched this september in grand rapids - the greatest city in the world.  

ok, i may be partial, but they seem to agree with me so we hopped all over this pretty city for their session.  they are super nice people and so fun to be around and i am SO excited for their wedding day.

love you guys!