i connected with jordan + caleb when she reached out to me for some engagement photos.  they hadn't decided on a wedding photographer yet, and were still early in the process of wedding planning.  after a few great conversations on the phone - and exchanging multiple emails - i quickly got to know jordan [ who is a type A, organized, beautiful girl after my own heart ] + learned more about she and caleb as a couple.  i definitely wanted in on the wedding photographer bid.  thankfully, she felt a connection too because they agreed to sign me on for their wedding for june of next year shortly before our shoot together.

for their session last month i got to play tourist in their dreamy hometown of saugatuck, michigan. these two high school sweethearts showed me around their quaint downtown where they used to grab coffee with friends before school - and the beach where they spent many summers together from sun up to sun down. what a gift it was to spend time with them in a place that is so close to their hearts, and the place where their love story began.

i honestly had such an amazing time with these two - and going through their engagement photos makes me so anxious to photograph them again.  i can't wait for next june!