i have had the privilege of photographing the gentzler family for the last year - beginning with jude's first birthday last january - to a rainy maternity session in october - and now in march, to celebrate the addition of sweet evelyn jo, the youngest little gentzler.

working with the gentzler family is always a riot - mostly because it feels just like home - coffee, kids and all around comfy-cozyness.  jude and i have even become some semblance of friends - as he showed me his entire truck collection before the shoot - naming each one, demonstrating its skill.  and for the most part, he likes to cooperate with me.  and even when he doesn't, it's fine too because it's cute and also he's two.  what more can we ask, really?

but really the reason i love the gentzlers is because they're real and in love and great parents to their kids.  which makes them inspiring to be around, and amazing to photograph.

not to mention, they are huge supporters of mine - which makes me feel like a dang superhero.  like, when you walk in a room and see your photos hanging on the wall of your people's most personal space - that is what a superhero must feel like.  i think.  it's gotta be.

here are the gentzlers with an emphasis on sweet evelyn jo - who has stolen the hearts of everyone already.  thank you guys for having me - again and again and again.

xoxo - taylor