if there was a photo contest for a couple to represent the phrase 'america's sweethearts' in the dictionary i would gladly submit a photograph of these two and put money on them winning.

ted + cindy are getting married in september and after spending my birthday morning with them in february [ that's how much i love this stuff ] i am thanking my lucky stars i get to photograph it.  cindy is beyond sweet and completely adorable - with the most gorgeous smile in all the land. ted is kind and a complete gentleman - with dimples for days and days and days.

i met these two for the first time at our shoot so we spent some time talking about each other's backgrounds, daily lives, etc.  i had them retell their love story to me while i peeked in and out from behind my lens and i loved watching them go back and forth with their versions of the details.  when i asked ted what his first thoughts were after meeting cindy he said something like 

'you meet a lot of people that first week of college.  but immediately after meeting cindy, i walked away with my friend and said 'that girl back there - she's something special.'

AWWW, RIGHT?  the feeling was obviously mutual and the pair began dating their freshman year at GVSU [ GO, LAKERS ].  life has been an adventure ever since for the two of them and they are currently planning their michigan wedding from a distance in chicago between jobs and grad school.  but nevertheless, they are so excited and eager to take on this next leg of their love story because as they told me 

'life together, us together - it's easy.  it's just always been easy.'

yes, these are real life things these real life people said about each other.  GAH.  and i don't need to say a lot more about it because these big gaping smiles below say more than i can soooooooo....yah.

p.s. that rando old guy thrown in the mix is phil, the owner of phil's stuff - who after asking him to hold something for me until after the shoot said he would 'if he can have a picture with her.'  cindy and i think we should print a copy for him and frame it in hopes we can make it on the store wall.