kate + paul // just married

i have been waiting anxiously to get the chance to blog this wedding - one that was easily a 'most favorite' of my career so far, and one that i genuinely felt blessed and privileged to be a part of.

i met kate in college through a mutual friend and also on a mission trip we went on early on in college.  our junior year we were roommates [ along with megan,  one of kate's bridesmaids. ]  like a lot of relationships do over time, kate and i went our separate ways after graduation, but we remained friends on social media - following along with each other's lives at a distance.

one thing i must mention about kate - that makes this story truly incredible is that way back in college when i first started dabbling in photography, kate was always a huge supporter.  she always thought i was WAY better than i actually was, and encouraged me both in person and later via facebook to continue to pursue photography long-term.  

much to my surprise last year, after a long time of not speaking, i received a message from her telling me that she got engaged and wanted me to take their wedding photos.  i was shocked, flattered and scared - as this was fairly early on and i hadn't had what i deemed as 'enough' weddings under my belt.  i feel like my response was something like - 'are you sure?'  and hers, 'yes.'

flash forward a year from that email to january 22, and i invited myself to kate + paul's house [ thanks again, guys ] while i was in colorado for a photography workshop.  i had a couple days to kill in denver before it started, and kate + paul graciously hosted me - showing me all over denver from the quaint little breweries to the mountains in estes park.  it was an amazing opportunity for me to really reconnect with kate again [ i felt instantly it was as if not a year had gone by ] and to get to know paul...her handsome, burly, bitterly sarcastic, fireman fianc√©.

flash forward seven months later to august 13, and it was finally the wedding day.  i had been anxiously awaiting this day all year - one, merely because it was kate + paul and i loved them.  but two, because of the unique day they planned together.

the two were married in gladwin, michigan on secord lake - a place where kate and her family spent many of their summers growing up.  the family had a cabin where they hosted much of the bridal party the week before the big day - and for the ceremony and reception everyone moved to lost arrow resort - a gorgeous, cozy piece of land along the water - peppered with log cabins and a large lodge that kate's family had reserved for all of their guests to spend the night.

it was the warmest, most intimate day to be a part of.  it was emotional at times, hilarious at others - and the entire day just felt like a big reunion - with david and i being part of that family.  after i was done 'working' i got to dance, drink keg beer by the fire and cozy up in one of the cabins - heart full from a day i felt was one of my best as a photographer.

kate + paul - your love for each other is truly palpable - and just like your first dance song choice - it feels classic and timeless.  i feel so honored to have shared this day with you - it was truly a gift.  i love you both very much and i can't wait to drop in again on you in denver;)

much love ,


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