allyson + ryan // engaged

i have known allyson since we were freshman in high school - 14 years to be exact?  whaaaaaa???

allyson is the kind of friend i wish everyone could have.  she's loving, kind and HILARIOUS.  a listener when you need her to be, but not afraid to speak her mind when you need to hear it.  she is dependable and hard working.  while growing up, she was the friend your parents always wanted you to be more like.  she has been a rare and true constant for me in the many ways life has changed, shifted, went off course and back on track again.  she never has given up on me and i'll never be able to thank her enough for that.  my life wouldn't be the same without her in it.

for a long time i have been dreaming of what allyson's soulmate would be like - wished and willed him to make his appearance - because while allyson is completely capable and happy on her own, i wanted someone for her.  she was too amazing to keep for myself [ as i'm sure her other best friends will reiterate ].

so when she mentioned this ryan character coming into the picture, and as i watched her eyes light up, her voice quicken its pace, i knew this might be it.  THIS MIGHT BE IT.

allyson told me ryan was quiet...and shy.  that he was a little more conservative than i might be used to - so instantly i panicked.  MY BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND IS GOING TO HATE ME.  beer drinking, sailor mouthed, free birds don't always "mesh" with the conservative type, to say the least.

but alas, after the standard "first meeting" getting the jitters out - covering the cliche basics of what do you do where do you live, we were onto becoming friends.  he laughed at us, so i felt like that was an instant win.

flash forward and we're taking engagement photos and planning their november wedding that i have the COMPLETE privilege to shoot.  how many people get to say they get to photograph their best friend's wedding?  this job just gets better, i swear.

i love you allyson [ and now ryan ] and i am over the moon excited that you found each other.  i couldn't imagine a better fit for my friend.