teresa + jeff // engaged

as i scrolled through teresa + jeff's images on my computer, i stopped for a moment to realize how i was smiling ear to ear like a complete goon as i moved from photo to photo [ which probably looked super awky to anyone watching me at the coffee shop ].

but i have a feeling when you see these photos - you'll have a hard time not doing the same.

if there's one thing that melts any girl's heart - it's a guy that can make her laugh.  and while on many of my shoots i use prompts to get those heartfelt, genuine smiles - i can take absolutely zero credit for that beautiful grin and enormous laughter plastered on teresa's face in nearly every photo - that was all him.

these two have an enormous love of life and fun, and they brought it 100% into their session. they weren't afraid to be silly, were effortless to work with and because of all that [ and hello, they're super adorable, too ] this was one of my most favorite sessions to date.

i am SO excited for their october wedding - and to spend some more time capturing their love story.

side note : so lots of guys get gifts for their girlfriends, amiright?  jewelry, flowers, perfume.  you know, that stuff.  well, jeff has a thing for cat shirts - and orders them randomly from the interwebs for teresa's...enjoyment?  needless to say, we had to incorporate the cat shirts into the session because cats and laser beams?  yah, exactly.