katie + nick // engaged

i met katie in one of my classes at grand valley, and i remember instantly hitting it off after exchanging some solid sarcastic digs [ at the expense of our then-terrible professor ].

when i saw that katie had found her person [ thank you social media for making it acceptable to stalk people ], i had to reach out to her regarding taking her wedding photos.  they looked like an outgoing and hilarious couple to be around and i wanted in on that.

katie agreed to meet up and talk wedding photog - and after a couple of minutes talking over beers at elk brewing, i knew we were a bride-groom-photographer match made in heaven.  thankfully, they thought so too.

we spent their engagement session around downtown grand rapids - starting at the fish ladder - a place they both love.  we laughed a lot - spent more time being weird than normal - and overall had a grand ol' time.

i am so happy that katie and i reconnected - and couldn't be happier to work with such a genuine, fun couple.  side note : katie is the master at sending me texts that make me feel like superwoman photographer and i love her so much for that.  thank you both for picking meeeeeeeee!