kayla + joel // engaged

i am a firm believer in the success of your session - the beauty of the images you capture - being directly tied to the investment, care and value your 'people' put into it.

kayla is one of those people.  she carefully, meticulously planned with me each location for their engagement session.  every spot had a significance to her and joel, the memories they've made together and places they frequent.  if it weren't for her input, i never would've known about the beautiful window front at rebel reclaimed.  we never would've captured her dog's blissful 'smile' when enjoying a cold ice cream at jersey junction.  i never would've seen the way reeds lake shines at golden hour.  we never would've found the intimate little alleyway off lake drive.  if i had curated the session, it wouldn't have been 'them.'

and because of the time she put into the planning, the results were fantastic, and raw.  i was able to be more of innocent bystander, capturing their natural movement, instead of a director - forcing poses and awkwardness.  they were comfortable in their surroundings and therefore, comfortable with me.

joel was a typical guy coming into the shoot - doing it because he knows it meant so much to kayla, but probably not thrilled about having to get dressed up to get photographed for two hours in the late july sun [ can we really blame him? ].  but it was amazing the way he transitioned throughout the session - he started making his own 'poses' [ basically just pulling kayla in, grabbing her face for a kiss, any chance he got, so not posing really at all ] much to my romantic delight.

i love these two so much and i am so overjoyed to work with them on their wedding next march.  they are so visibly in love, attentive to each other and as you will see - a gorgeous pair.

i hope you love these as much as i do.  i am super proud of these images, and this was definitely a session for the books.

blog read tunage : 'h.o.l.y.', florida georgia line, because they love country and this song is my recent guilty pleasure to sing at the top of my lungs on long drives.