the hountras' // family photos

i met the lovely hountras family shortly after moving into my cozy alger neighborhood.  they can often be found walking their cute little dog, callie, up and down our street throughout the day, with beautiful 2-year-old jaina in tow.

lauren [ glowing mama pictured here ] reached out to me to do some family photos to capture some moments of this family of three - soon to be four.  we decided to do two sessions, one now [ just two weeks shy of due date - you go, lauren.  you go. ] and another shortly after baby girl #2 comes home.

i was thrilled they wanted to do a home [ backyard ] session [ can i get an amen for lifestyle sessions?! ] - and even brought the adorable personal touch of a picnic blanket tea party into the mix.  the evening was gorgeous, to say the least.  we got some amazing photos of these three just loving each other.  

i left this session feeling giddy with the positive energy you get from being around happy people in love.  and giddy over the images, of course [ i could barely wait to open them on my computer].  but as i walked home that night i felt another sort of excitement, too - one that stemmed from the humble realization that photography has been fun, for sure.  i have loved this process of crafting a hobby into a business, and the learning that comes along with it.  but moreover, photography has brought me in contact with so many amazing new people i would never otherwise have known.  people that i get the chance to soak in for just a session - or if i'm lucky - people i get the chance to create relationships that develop into genuine friendships.

this is amazing stuff i feel blessed to do everyday.  i get to meet people from all over, have tons of fun with them at weddings and in sessions and make them happy with photos, in return.  it's work, but there's nothing else i'd rather be doing.

[ ok, long tangential sap aside, here are the hountras'! ]