the bensons // family photos

i met brian and anna after moving into my cozy alger neighborhood.  they were very friendly, and would often wander across the street to sit with us on the lawn as our girls played.

i'll be honest, i was not a great neighbor in the beginning.  not that i threw reckless parties or didn't mow my lawn - but i didn't make many attempts to get to know the women living around me.  i said hello, we had a few conversations, but it was all pretty surface level.  mostly because of shyness - but also because as an adult i find it harder to reach out, be open and to make new friends and much easier to stay in my ring of comfort keeping everyone at a distance.

thankfully, anna didn't acknowledge my shield.  she still pursued my friendship, and even scheduled this photo session with me.  and after that, we talked more.  we moved from simply social media to text - to in person hangouts over wine, chocolate and cheese.  i am so grateful to anna and this beautiful family i now call my friends.  i look forward to many more grill-outs, driveway bonfires, movie nights and walks.

i went into this session nervous (per usual) but especially because i have to see the bensons almost everyday, and i wanted to deliver something they wouldn't shun their new neighbor friend over.  but luckily, this family has so much love and fun that my job was pretty much non-existent.  i just got to sit back, and capture them just being themselves.  from the love they have for their kiddos, to the love they so visibly have for each other, they were a complete delight for me.  i hope you enjoy your photos, anna:)  thanks for being a great friend.