bret + brecken // just married

2016 has been a big year.  [ all around and in general ], but especially on the photography side of things.

it started with taking the plunge and applying for and attending a life-altering photog workshop in colorado back in january, and the rest, you could say, is history.  in the making.

this said workshop was led [ in part ] by a grand rapids photographer that i had immensely looked up to and admired for a few years ( abbey moore photography ).  after the workshop, we exchanged numbers and stayed in touch.  a month or so after returning to GR, abbey asked if i would be up for doing some second shooting with her for her 2016 weddings.  obviously, my answer was ALL THE YAS.

schedules were exchanged, excited emoji texts transpired and just like that my first second shooting wedding experience with abbey was around the corner.

the wedding was april 30, and took place at the beautiful mayflower church in grand rapids with the reception following at the amway grand hotel.  i was overly nervous, anxious-excited, but mostly just so eager to experience a wedding alongside a super-duper-professional and soak up everything i could in hopes to better my photog wedding game.

the day was awesome.  the couple we had the opportunity to shoot for were the googly, adorable romantics that all photographers dream to photograph on a wedding day.


it was an adjustment not being front and center all the time, but it challenged me to get different angles and see things from a new perspective.  shooting behind, over [ sometimes under ] someone is a fun task - and at times, you'll see abbey in the frames because that's just the way it is.  and photoging a photog doing her thang is pretty great, anyway.

the result?  i'm happy.  very, very happy.  it was the perfect kick-off to this 2016 wedding season.  perfect way to get my feet wet and shake the jitters [ for now ] until this weekend when i'll be flying solo on the wedding day.  i am excited for all that 2016 has left to bring - my own weddings, and the weddings i'll be shooting alongside abbey.

bring it on, 2016 weddings.  i'm ready for ya.