ashley + branden // just married

branden + ashley are the epitome of young love.

 being around them, watching them interact - it's like watching a movie.  the giddiness, the lovey-dovey energy that is so apparent when they're near each other is nothing short of adorable - and a complete dream to photograph.

i met branden while he interned at a company i used to work for a few years ago.  he was sweet, smart - and i enjoyed working with him during his time in our department.  as luck would have it, we remained facebook friends after we went our separate ways.

i began noticing photos of a beautiful girl flutter his newsfeed - and soon after that, an engagement announcement.  much to my surprise, branden reached out to me regarding shooting his wedding, and i was ecstatic.

branden + ashley put together a beautiful east lansing wedding.  i hadn't been to reo town before, but it was nothing short of perfect for a small-town feel in a big city like lansing is.

their wedding + reception was hosted at the church they attend [ riverview church ], and provided a great open space as a venue.  it was nestled in this little strip of downtown - that made you feel you were off the grid a bit, with its historical buildings, weathered brick and alleys.

i thoroughly enjoyed my day with the two of them, their families and amazing group of friends.  i wish them both the best of luck and hope they keep that beautiful young love + energy for years to come.