annabelle's first dance.

i hadn't really decided on whether or not i would be using my business blog to showcase any of my personal material, but i decided - hey, why not?  i figure it might be helpful to post a personal thing-or-two every now-and-again so you can get a feel for me in my real life, ya know? sure ya do.

so tonight was a special one in our house.  my kindergartener had her very first daddy-daughter dance at school (which she honestly knew nothing about, haha).  her dad was unfortunately out of town for work, and he was super bummed about missing it.

remembering how special these dances were for me in elementary school, i asked my dad if he would stand in for us and take her to the dance - and of course, being the soft and sentimental guy that we know and love him for - he said YES ABSOLUTELY.

we told her about it yesterday, because if you're a parent of little ones you know how kids can't gauge how far away things are so they will ask you every 5 minutes when something is going to happen so telling them in advance turns into something like torture.

needless to say, she was elated.  she immediately went to her closet, picked out her dress and i allowed her to wear her "high heels" out of the house (big mom moment for me, FYI).

at school today, she told her classmates and teacher about going to the dance and said something like - "look for the old man with the tap shoes on, that'll be my grandpa."  adorable, amiright?

i rushed home from work today, and made it just in time to get her all dolled up, tights on, hair dried and pinned, and quickly over to my dad's house.  

she was beaming.  i was tearing up.  

i watched her wave excitedly at me through the car window, i waved excitedly back.  they were off to the fine dining portion of the evening - mcdonald's.  her choice.

i don't know how the dance really went - she said her stomach hurt and she didn't really "feel like dancing."  but that doesn't really matter.  watching her get excited over putting on a fancy dress, watching as she paced back and forth waiting for her grandpa to be ready, listening to her pick out his purple tie, watching her oogle her very first corsage and touch it so delicately as if it would crumble, seeing her rest her head on her grandpa's shoulder for pictures - and the love, so much love.  that's what matters.  that's what made this evening what it was - and completely made this little girl's first dance.