ryan and candice were described multiple times throughout the day as "made for each other."

though their wedding day was only the first time i met them in person, after spending just minutes with them together after their ceremony - i could not agree more.

they were glued to each other the entire day - whether physically in moments of hand touches, embraces and kisses - or through lovey-dovey eye contact and funny faces from across the room.  they were playful and goofy - adorable and romantic.  i wanted to watch their first dance over and over and over again.

as you'll see in the photos - they brought quite the crew with them for the day.  and as the best man so accurately stated - "you think ten of us standing up here is a lot; there could've been 100."  and after spending just a short day with these two, i couldn't agree more.  

i hope you guys are living that dreamy wedded bliss that i imagine you are - and i hope our lives cross paths in the future.  i know you're going to have an amazing one.

xoxo - taylor

BLOG READ TUNAGE : 'a thousand years,' christina perri

ceremony : all shores wesleyan church, grand haven, mi

reception : porto bello, grand haven, mi

desserts : rykes bakery [cupcakes + donuts ] + porto bello [ cheesecakes ]

florals : chalet floral, muskegon, mi