i met natalie + jim at a summer bbq party thrown by our neighbors.  they were friends of friends, and natalie was just 20 weeks along - and had just found out they were having a girl.

we sat on a blanket in the yard with other moms talking babies, pregnancy and wine.  natalie had seen some photos that i took for the my friend hosting the party - and i encouraged her to reach out if she would consider doing a lifestyle newborn session after their daughter arrived.

i don't hound people about sessions [ because hello, there's so many photographers out there to choose from ] so when natalie contacted me about a session five months later [ after her daughter was born ], i was ecstatic.  not to mention, i had seen some photos of their little squish of a baby and i couldn't wait to photograph her.

natalie waited to schedule until ila was over a month old - which totally jived with me.  i think sometimes people rush newborn photos and then don't really enjoy it because you juggle so much bringing a baby home.  my best advice when new moms ask me about when to do photos is - "when you're ready."  I usually recommend that you wait to get home a bit to get settled and into some semblance of a routine (and get as much sleep as you can muster).  there really is no wrong or right time, I just want YOU [ mama ] to feel comfortable and not stressed out.  and in all honesty, babies look like newborns for the first couple months so...

we had a lovely time together during this session with natalie, jim, ila and their catalog-worthy home in grandville.  i was constantly ooing and awwing either over little baby ila or natalie's impeccable decorating and artistic style.  we listened to ryan adams play on their record player, and chatted about life while sitting cross-legged on the floor.  we hopped out into the gorgeous october sun to get some backyard photos with their adorable greyhound.  it was really a perfect morning, and i felt so honored to have met this couple.

i really, really love this style of photography so much - and i am so glad i get to get in some sessions like these over the coming months with moms, dads and new baby faces like these ones.

thank you jim + natalie - i hope to see you guys again soon!