i have known lily since our rowdy college years at grand valley - as we shared many of the same amazing, beautiful [ albeit, insane ] girl friends.

lily and james have somewhat of a college sweetheart love story, and when they got engaged i immediately reached out to them regarding wedding photography [ will you just look at them tho? ]  i was pretty fresh in the wedding game, so when they agreed to have me i was totally excited.  and terrified.  but mostly excited.  

we had a gorgeous engagement session last fall where i was able to admire them as a couple, and get to know james better and take some beautiful photos [ obviously ].

it was a whole year later that their wedding day arrived - and i was mentally preparing for it for months.  i had been shooting the entire summer season, and while i loved every wedding i shot, i knew this one was going to be special and different both on a personal and professional level.

and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.   the details were gorgeous.  the weather was perfection - the kind of sky you want to put in your pocket and bring with you to every photo shoot.  the entire day was like a high school reunion [ the kind you would actually want to go to ] and even though i was the photographer, the day was non-stop fun and excitement.  there were happy tears and so many nose-crinkling, stomach-cramping laughs.  there were emotional moments of reflection and gratitude.  the dance floor was the most alive that i have seen all year - i think they shut down the venue and possibly bought out the venue bar.  the night ended in something like our old college parties would - with pizza and pajamas and boozey-laced silliness.  i loved every moment.

and the photos?  well, i'll let you figure it out from here.

i love you lily + james - you guys were the best.

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