alexis and i went to high school together - and like many people do after graduation, we followed along with each other's lives - facebookly.

we did the typical things post-high school.  we graduated, went to college, got jobs, got boyfriends.  oh, we also got babies.  yah, that too.  cute, cute babies.

it always made me admire alexis a bit more because of our similar paths - motherhood before marriage.  and i was happy that as much as i could tell [ facebookly ] , she was very, very happy in it.  she had an adorable son, a loving and doting adam [ who was now her fianc√© ].

because of my admiration, i immediately reached out to alexis regarding wedding photography when i saw she was engaged.  creepy?  maybe.  do i regret it? nope.

flash forward, she said yes.  and we had an amazing time at their engagement session [ see all photos below ] - and i can only imagine how perfect their wedding day is going to be.  i loved reconnecting with alexis and catching up with her [ in real time ] and seeing that she truly was as happy as i imagined - and over the moon in love with this man.

thank you guys for choosing me on this leg of your adventure.  i'm thrilled to be along for the ride.