the rider family // newborn lifestyle

this craft, this job, this endeavor is cool.  like, really really cool.

like cool in so many ways it's hard to fall asleep at night sometimes.  because everything is so exciting and new.  everything is moving so fast.  and it's really exhausting.  but the exhaustion is so fulfilling that you really don't even care.


one of the ways that this job has been aforementioned 'really, really cool' is the way that it has brought many new faces into my life, but even more, reconnected me with old faces from the past.  old faces [ not in appearance, obvi ] that unless i started up this whole photography gig, i probably would never have spoken to, seen again.  faces that as we crossed paths in the hallways in high school, i can guarantee we never would've thought - 'oh yeah, i can totally see taylor shooting my wedding in ten years,' or in this case, documenting their first born to their new family of three.

if it wasn't for photography, i never would've reconnected with dana over some exciting emails a few months back.  eager to meet her baby girl, due in august.  inviting me to the home she shared with adam in chicago to photograph the three of them when their sweet baby girl arrived.

i don't often get out-of-state invites, so i was SUPER PUMPED.  i was flattered, too.  there's a big wide world of photographers out there.  so why me, amiright?  

but i'm so glad it was me.  the session was perfect.  i mean, honestly perfect.  it was what i will call 'the lifestyle session of my dreams.'  the subjects - adorable.  the location - a quaint, impeccably decorated apartment just outside of downtown chicago.  the vibe - like catching up with old friends.  like we hadn't missed a beat.

oh, and let's not forget what brought us all together.  beautiful olivia rider.  adored and doted on by her loving parents [ and jax, i think. ]  adam and dana make a wonderful couple - and are already such amazing parents to that sweet baby.  they are kind, gentle and made the whole experience such a geniunley pleasant one.

thank you so much dana + adam.  i'm really, really proud of this one.  and i have you guys to thank for the opportunity.  i hope we keep in touch and i can't wait to watch your family grow - and see how beautiful miss olivia continues to get!