julianne + austin // maternity

something you should know about me.

regardless of what you have in mind for your session - whether you 'just want pictures of the kids,' or, 'maternity photos are just of the mom because she's the one with the belly,' i will always, always, always badger [ i mean...coax ] you into changing your mind - and getting in those photos together.


because your kids are here because of YOU.  that beautiful baby belly is only made beautiful because it is part of both of YOU.  to summarize, i will pull you into the photos, into the session, because it is important to me to document the story.  the full story. and if you're in the story, you should be in the photos, too.

this session was similarly pulled together - beautiful julianne wanted some maternity photos taken, and austin [ husband // dad-to-be ] was going to jump in 'for a couple' during our time together.  when they showed up for their session, i informed austin of my 'inclusive' mentality [um dad, you're getting in the photos ], and he begrudgingly  went along with it - not super pleased.

despite his initial distaste for getting his photo taken, austin warmed up quickly - and noticed me less and less as he and julianne wandered the woods together. 

i loved this session so much - as did julianne.  she lamented that she was sad when it was over, and i felt the same.  we got a brief taste of fall that evening, and it provided us with a cool, beautifully colored landscape that was perfect for what julianne had in mind.

thank you guys for allowing me to capture this time in your lives - and i look so forward to seeing you both again when that little bean makes her appearance in october!

to end, P.S.A. to dads and hubbies errywhere : even when you don't wanna do the photos, do the photos.