hallie + austin // engaged

i met hallie + austin through a high school friend who is starting her own wedding planning business, and happened to have these two cuties as one of her clients!  when we were first introduced, they were in the process of planning their gorgeous grand rapids wedding - set for this october.  she wasn't sure they were going to need engagement photos [ namely, that austin probably wouldn't be too thrilled ] but fortunately, her planner and i talked her into it.  i promised we would visit spots that were unique and fun, and that i wouldn't even need to shoot that long.

as we were planning their session, hallie really let me take the lead and it was completely thrilling.  she agreed to meet at locations she hadn't seen, all with the promise that 'hey, it will be great.'  we bribed austin a bit with including a brewery stop + a beer to end the session - but honestly, once we were all together, it didn't even feel forced.

these two are such an adorable couple, and have a great story to back it up.  when they met they fell in instant love, and it was honestly palpable during our session - even though it has been a few years since those first days as a young couple.  they are goofy, fun, love to laugh - almost as much as they love each other.  they were super go-with-the-flow, and because of that - a complete joy to work with.  we ended the session at gorgeous greyline brewing, and chatted like old friends over a couple of beers.

their wedding is just about a month away, and i am so excited to spend the day with them, in the city we both know and love so well. 

thank you to carolyn for bringing us together, and to hallie + austin for including me in this chapter of your story.  i can't wait for your wedding day.

side note : at one point i asked austin to whisper something 'real nice-like' in hallie's ear.  i do this often, and most of the time i don't ask what was said because [ sexy. ]  but when hallie erupted in laughter, i had to know...what was his secret message?  

his reply?


i now use this on the reg. in other sessions because apparently lots of people find it funny to whisper 'tacos' for no reason whatsoever.  thanks, austin!