chanel // class of 2017

chanel's session will always be a memorable one for me.

of course, because she's stunning - and utterly beautiful to photograph.

but that isn't necessarily the reason why - it has more to do with the fact that chanel showed up at my house before her session on crutches.  yes, limping and in pain and on crutches.

she had unfortunately injured herself at one of her first volleyball scrimmages - leaving her with a possibly torn ACL.  not the way you want to start your senior season, in the least.

but while i was nervous for the outcome of the session, having her hobble around at the various stops on our scheduled route, hoping we didn't further injure or hurt her - she, was fearless:)  

chanel - thank you for being such a good sport during our shoot and making this such a great experience for both of us!  best of luck on the rest of your senior year and hopefully that leg is doing alright by now:)

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