alexis + caleb // engaged

disclaimer : this is going to be an usually long post.  for a few reasons.

mainly, because this was my first out-of-state shoot.  and the way it all came together was something kinda magical.

alexis inquired about her may 2017 wedding while i was trampling around with my family in the traverse city tundra.  ok, we were glamping.  whatever.

anyway, i quickly responded as fast as my one-bar-coverage would allow.  we setup a facetime for later that week.  in the backyard of my parents' pentwater haven, i chatted with alexis with a total 'i woke up like this' // 3 days without a shower camping face, and she, with a fresh from barre class bun.  we gushed over the details of her charlevoix castle wedding next year, talked about life and of course lots of wedding photography deets.

i learned that she and her fiance had recently moved to houston for jobs, and expressed concern over getting in an engagement session before the snow hits in michigan.  HERE'S WHERE IT GETS GOOD.

i just so happened to be leaving the very next day for san antonio to visit family.  not really understanding texan geography [ at all ] i mentioned this to her, in the slightest chance we could arrange a very, very impromptu engagement session during my visit.

a day, and a very flexible and obliging fiance later, we had a shoot scheduled for downtown san antonio that sunday.  three days later.

i scrambled to google bloggers for location ideas, inspiration and direction - i had never been to san antonio before, and it's like - really, really big.  i sent alexis a list of locations and she was all YAS, OK much to my relief.  i was nervous, to say the least.  but hopeful.  and excited.  very, excited.

sunday came quick - and my gracious cousins agreed to bring me into town at the meeting place we decided on.  thankfully, they are craft beer drinkers - so the nervousness was eased a bit as we shared a beer [ and then lunch ] on the riverwalk's edge.

after that?  well, you'll see for yourself.  it was surreal.  it was perfect.  it was one of the shoots that i am most proud of, to date.  i happily spent five hours with these strangers that became my fast friends.  we explored the city that was new to all of us, stumbling on new spots together that left us in pure awe and amazement.

alexis and caleb, i love you both.  i am so happy we found each other and crafted such an amazing shoot, [ and in such short time. ]  i can't wait for may to continue this story with you.  it's been such a dream.

locations : 

Hotel Emma

Southerleigh Fine Food + Brewery

The Historic Pearl

San Antonio Riverwalk

Mission Concepción