stephanie // class of 2017

stephanie is one of the most amazing young girls i have ever had the opportunity to shoot.

she is beautiful.  she is full of life. she's not afraid to be silly and laugh at herself.  she learned to cross her eyes during our session.  she entrusted me to take her places she hadn't been before [ and without real addresses ], and never questioned if it would work out.  she found me on instagram and even though most girls in her high school choose the same photographer, she went outside the box.  she was a go-with-the-flow girl, complete with in the car outfit changes in the parking lot.  she trekked through weeds and trees, unafraid of dirt, bugs and poison ivy [ which i ended up acquiring after the session ].  she was just all around, a great person to be around - and while i went into the session with some nerves because we hadn't met before and we were to spend at least two hours one-on-one, i couldn't have been more thrilled with the experience and the conversations and laughs we shared.

stephanie you are truly a one-of-a-kind gem - and i know what ever you do after high school you will be amazing at it.  thank you for trusting me with this important milestone in your high school career.