melissa + joe // just married

melissa and joe's wedding day took place in the most beautiful part of muskegon, michigan - an area that i wasn't super familiar with, but left the day thinking - 'i can't wait to go back.'

their day was the epitome of every tim allen 'pure michigan' commercial.  the first look took place next to lake michigan waves, amongst docks housing beautiful boats and yachts.  we rode a red trolley for portraits, driving between classic old buildings covered in ivy.  we made a stop at a dive bar filled with characters and old town charm and of course, made a pitstop at the beach before sunset.

one thing i want to share about melissa + joe was their very movie-like meeting, which will explain the dive-bar-photo-op.  i learned on their wedding day that melissa had actually planned to marry joe before they even met.  apparently she saw him at their gym, called her best friend [ MOH ] and told her "i found my soulmate" [ or something to that effect. ]  her best friend assured her she was nuts, as best friends are supposed to do.

some time went by and one saturday melissa + joe's worlds collided once again, but this time at the marine tap room + bar.  joe was on a date with another girl, melissa was their with friends after a little bit of day-drinking.  melissa, filled with a little bit of liquid courage, walked up to joe, introduced herself, and told him frankly "i've been obsessed with you for year and i'm a freestyle rapper," and walked out of the bar.

needless to say, joe couldn't forget this beautiful [ and forward ] girl at the bar.  he tracked her down through a mutual friend, and asked her on a date two short weeks later.  the rest you could say, was history.

melissa + joe - thank you for including me in yet another part of your incredible love story.  your day was just as beautiful as the both of you are, inside and out.

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