caitlin // maternity

caitlin is the epitome of a strong, fierce mama.  she runs a busy household of three boys [ including nate, her husband;) ] and come august she will be outnumbered 4:1 as the next pasma bundle of boy will be arriving in august!

i love working with caitlin because she inspires me to try new things and to get creative on shoots.  it's always a little intimidating taking photos for another photographer, but she always puts me at ease and helps shake off the nerves.

we put this session together so i could practice a bit of maternity [ an area i am just kinda getting into ] and so that she could have some gorgeous photos to keep.  caitlin had the idea to do the lace dress layover, and actually put it together the DAY OF THE SHOOT.  talk about determination.

i am so, so happy that she did though - because this has been one of my favorite sessions of the summer.  the light was glowy and beautiful, and she was just drop-dead-gorgeous in that lace and grass.  love you, cait! xoxo

blog post tunage : 'whatever it is', zac brown band [ because rural rustic farmish summer shoot screams sappy country music ]