if you follow me on any type of personal social media, it's likely you have seen the benson crew pop up in a photo or two - which was probably accompanied with me professing my love for my neighborhood // neighbors // and the like.

and my love for my hood can be widely attributed to being so lucky to be living across the street from this amazing family.  we do date nights, family dinners, sleepovers, driveway parties, impromptu bonfires and lazy couch hangs.  david considers brian to be 'one of his guys' and i consider anna to be one of my closest friends - an immediate go-to when it comes to funny texts, mom help and drop-ins when we need friend therapy.  my girls consider her girls to be their best friends - and we feel like zoey is our third daughter.  living across the street from the bensons reminds me of what neighborhoods were like 'back in the day.'  and i love it.

a little over a month ago, the bensons welcomed sweet little wesley into their family [ and ours ] and we couldn't be happier to have a little boy to add to the widely little girl-dominant street we live on.  the big girls ooo and ahhh at his every coo and wiggle, while emi keeps wondering if he's going to be a girl or a boy when he grows up [ she is not thrilled he is actually 100% a boy, but we're working on it ].  i see it flourishing into a wonderfully hilarious friendship in the years to come.

i look so forward to our kids growing up together - riding bikes, playing non-stop pretend, hosting cozy-coupe car washes, making forts and riding the school bus together.  having neighbors you love, trust and adore is so underrated and i am happy we found this little slice of heaven with the bensons and all the other amazing families we have grown to love in alger.

oh, the photos!  we did a little newborn family sesh in honor of wesley's arrival and words don't do it justice so i'll just shut it! :)