my vision of winter days [ in the off-season ] went something like this : wake up, bring the kids to school, do some yoga, come home and dig through archives of photos [nostalgically, and drinking a hot cup of coffee, of course ] - updating my website and literature with fresh, beautiful edits.  after that [ because surely that won't take long at all ] i will tackle my ever-growing list of to-dos for the house which includes but is not limited to : painting the dining room and bathroom, decluttering all of our cabinetry and closets, overhaul the basement into a cozy nook.

the reality of winter days [ in the off-season ] are going something like this : wake up, bring the kids to their schools, do some yoga if i don't feel too guilty that day, come home and do loads of laundry or grocery shop, clean the house over and over, edit or cull the session that is due that week, email people [ a lot ] and pick up the kids from school and make dinner and go to bed.

how was i so off-base?  where is the abundance of time i am supposed to be having because hello, it's the off-season - and i am OFF.  

but kinda not at all.

this off-season hasn't been as dormant as i originally envisioned - mostly because, my business has not been where it is at today, ever before.  so while last year i did zero shoots in the winter, this year my weekends have been consistently booked with shoots [ hey, even weddings! ]

other than the engagement shoots for my 2017 couples, the thing that is keeping me thee most busy are all. the. babies.  seriously!  so many babies.  i always thought spring was the baby booming time but this winter has been filled to the brim with wrinkly toe cuteness and i just love it.

please enjoy my emerging from hibernation with this adorable family of three - lindsey, paul + baby cole - who i spent a snowy sunday afternoon with in their beautiful michigan home.

and to all of those people making my off-season not-so-off, i love you for it.

- t