i am 29+1-year-old lover of sarcasm, sandwiches, friends re-runs. in addition to being a photographer, I am also a certified full-time child wrangler to two beautiful little girls that keep my head spinning, my heart full and my refrigerator empty. i am a happy wifey to my hunky college-sweetheart who is a goshdarn saint for putting up with my shenanigans.

I LIKE : speaking in accents, ipa’s, being barefoot, vacuuming, playing euchre, carbs, cold weather,  staying up late, the color red + things that have smells that remind me of my childhood.

I DISLIKE : sunday jazz, putting away laundry, mental math, mushrooms, yardwork, negotiating with salespeople + parallel parking while people are watching. 

i can be found walking the streets of G-RAP - catching a local show or hitting up a new taco dive.  i love checking out new breweries [ and frequenting old faves - founders mug club member, HEYYYOO ].  i travel whenever i can - local, national or otherwise.  i spend hours cuddled on the couch with my bugs watching disney classics.  i bury myself in books on the beach in pentwater.  i'm a big homebody, who likes rearranging furniture and making big messes in the kitchen.  take me to starbucks and i'm an americano with cream, errytime.  i like yoga + running, when life allows and i'm not feeling lazypants.

between the months of may and november - you'll find me quite literally ATTACHED TO MY CAMERA, developing new and concerning eyebrow wrinkles by the day, or posted up on the couch netflix + chilling [ and by chilling, i mean editing my eyeballs off ].  but it's all in good fun, amiright? 

i have been shooting as taylor j. photography for five years and I absolutely LOVE THIS J-O-B.  i love working with couples - and will fill the role of much more than just a photographer on the day of your wedding [ counselor, coordinator, BEER HOLDER, groom fetcher, etc. ]  i'm bubbly, outgoing [ a little sarcastic and weird, TBH ] - but i take my work and your time very seriously.  my goal is to give you the best possible experience, and the best images and memories that you can cherish for the rest of your lives [ and use to make yer instagram and facebook as purty as can be ].


want to know more?  i’m an open book + super chatty so basically ask away, friend.